Analog… I missed you


I had two undeveloped rolls of film in my fridge for some time now, just trying to get to the lab on my “free” time was quite a challenge. Nevertheless, against all odds, I was able to get them developed and scanned. First frames were taken with some Fuji Acros 100 and the rest with some Kodak 125PX (expired).

All shot on a Nikon F3 / Nikkor 50mm / 1.8







The next ones with Kodak PX125






I know, I’m old school but film doesn’t lie and to be honest I still haven’t been able get the same from digital. It’s like comparing “like” to “love”.

I need to shoot more film… a lot more!



Summer 2011 photo blitz part 1

These days I feel like I’m caught between a dream, what ever is in the middle and real life. I wouldn’t say its hard, its just very different from what I’m used to feeling. In about 6 weeks my wife is supposed give birth, our first baby, the reason why my life has already changed so drastically, but in a good way of course :) I miss writing blogs, its not that I have no time, I could find the time, its not that hard but its just that I choose to spend more time elsewhere, make sure things are alright and that we’re on track with everything.

I admire parents, my parents, also my friends who already have kids and all of those couples that have 2 kids or more. Just thinking about kids can be exhausting :) But before I embark on this incredible adventure with Amélie, I will try to catch up with my entries and share some of my favourite shots from this Summer,  this is part 1 of 2 by the way.

Where to begin…

Sometime during the month of June, I had the great pleasure of having Arthur Mola and Philip Schulte over for the weekend. It was during the Grand Prix weekend of all possible weekends :) Always a pleasure spending time and shooting with people who love photography as much as them. What I remember the most from that weekend was, Tri-x, Jack and coke, using Philip’s M6, an exploding battery, getting our picture taken by the photo guy and watching Philip eat his first “real” poutine. The rest is all about having a good time!

Sherbrooke Metro on a Friday evening, the night we went out.


As I was saying

I really want a M6 with the Nokton 1.1, c’est si joli! :)

We all have our moments

Mr Mola on the hunt

I’ve had many meals in this place…. but none that I can clearly remember.

I always enjoy finding available light sources especially during the night but that’s not why I find this picture interesting.

I had no light meter by the way, the battery was dead on the M6 so all the night shots were a guess.

A must

After a good night sleep, or what was left of it, I made the guys some crepes and we ate outside. Last day in town for them, I thought it would only be appropriate to show them the Old port and Chinatown. Oddly enough I didn’t take many pictures, I guess I was more interested in seeing what they had experienced. Nevertheless here are some of the ones I managed to take.


My Contax 645 had to come out for this special occasion.

Arthur took this one

And this one, that is my “Ididn’tgetenoughsleep” face

This was at 1.1 with the Nokton 50, damn that’s shallow :) I should of had more practice with it but still enjoyed the outcome.

I was pretty off on this shot, but the essential is there

Street performer getting his share of attention

Chinatown, obviously

Some nice action again! We headed back to my place and the guys packed up and got ready for the drive back to Toronto, which I believe is about 6-7 hours away. It was short and sweet, happy they came down and hopefully it wont’t be our last gathering!

Later that month I went For a boys weekend to Quebec city, a quick 2 day adventure that was long overdue :)


Was great to have some quality time with the guys.

This shot just makes me smile, that early morning attitude… before coffee of course.

A little windy that morning

But not without a sense of humour. That had to be the earliest bachelor party ever… Would you like some Jack Daniels with your eggs? We later saw him again twice, the second time he didn’t look as energetic ;)

Tourists… they are so visible…

… like vintage cars, which I prefer to tourists ;)

One of those moments

Met up with the guys later on and had “some” Sangria

Tourists :)

David Bowie

Love walking in this weather.

Getting ready for supper. Was a great weekend indeed!

Now onto something completely different. My wife and I decided to rent a cottage in the eastern townships and invite here parents for a long weekend. They had helped us so much with our wedding that it seemed like the least we could do. It was a perfectly relaxing weekend and for once I felt like they were getting taken care
of  and not the other way around :)

Good times!

So glad they enjoyed it!

I love these moments

Time has no value here.

You can concentrate on the important things in life.

ADD Attention definitely desired

She loves reading…

Runs in the family I guess


A nice view I’m sure :)

The friendly stalker.

Later on in July we were at our friend’s boy’s 2nd B-day party, a gorgeous day, a nice pool and great company.

Birthday boy gets bypassed by impostor

Good luck trying to blowout a sparkle :)

Have your cake bud!


Lots of kids everywhere!

He’s actually pretty good ;)

Our host

The party animal

Ze ballons, of course!


With his parents

Time for presents!

A moving violation!

Conversations – Hey, there’s my little boy!… somewhere there. :)

Related? ;)

How about these two?

Some soothing

Some attitude! I’m sure he was like: “Buddy, put the camera down and lets go swim!”

A perfect Summer day!


You can rest now, all has been done!

The next ones are really random from the days that followed.

That’s a dog lover! :)

Good times

Good food


Those eyes!

Something tasted funny, I guess.

Kids, they’re everywhere I tell you!

Too adorable to pass

Ok enough with the kids, for now.

Back to kids :)

A father daughter moment, interrupted by the incredibly loud Contax 645 :)

During my official B-day celebration brunch ;)

And my mama!

Well, that’s it for now. I have lots more to show you in part two. A little more documentary style but still very summer-ish for the most part ;)

Hope you enjoyed watching.

A bientôt!

Better late than never

Let me begin by thanking all the people who wrote a comment on my last entry. When I saw those emails come in I thought for sure I had a virus :). I was delighted to see how many people found it useful and it made me also think about the importance of the subject as a discussion. This entry will be much different from the last one but is more in line with what I usually post here. I was very busy for the last three months with work and especially since I added a grueling exercise routine in my life… which is worth every painful moment :) I actually see and feel the results and I love it. But the most important thing over everything else is that my wife and I are expecting a baby :))))) It’s been great so far! Things are going well and she’s already half way there, so my time has been divided in to many wonderful new chapters. I still managed to shoot some photos during the last few months but I’ve only gotten to them now, a few shots are really out of season. Nevertheless, I thought I would share them here.

They start somewhere in Feb 2011 and end in May 2011.

Feb 2011 I spent the weekend with my wife at my friend’s house in Quebec city. Was great to see him and all the family. It was the first time I actually managed to catch the winter carnival!

:) I love them!

Vincent taking the road less traveled.

Bonhomme Carnaval… the official mascot.

From this photo you can’t really tell but it was damn cold that day… around -25C. My fingers were frozen.

Little fella needed a coat to make it through that day.

Probably the only ones staying warm that day.

I wonder if he was thinking about the end of the run.


She’s such a cutie

After such a painfully cold day what better than a little cheese fondue to ease the pain Mmmmmm. Was great to see Ian again, always a pleasure to spend time with his family :) Skip forward about a week, my wife and I decided to continue our steak of courage and go see the “festivals des lumières” in our own town, Montréal.

It wasn’t as cold as Québec city but nevertheless pretty damn cold!

This is how we keep warm in -20C :)

Still, I’m a big fan of open spaces and especially during winter when everything is so quiet.

Slippery as hell also… had to watch my step here.

The fun part abut winter.

I took a very similar shot in bw a while ago, its just funny to see how I love this angle :)

Saddest dear I have ever seen.

Another pitstop to get the blood flowing.

Another reason to freeze your tush, stop for some maple syrup on a stick.

Another heat source which is actually used to cook sausages… maple smoked ones mmmmmm

Kids have fun in any type of weather… not me.

I enjoy shopping in unusual places :)

Ok now skip forward another couple of weeks and here we are at the St-Patricks parade!

I took some shots in bw with my Nikon F3 and some Kodak Plus-X 125.

Some of the odd things you might see on a Sunday morning downtown. :)

This girl made me think of Madonna for some reason.

“That’s right honey, take some pictures while daddy sips his beer.”

A story about a man and his stick :).

I’m sure he has seen many St-Patrick parades.

This time it’s the stick that grabbed the dog.

One of my favourite shots from this year.

I love people!


If walls could talk.

These kids were just to cute to ignore. As I snapped this shot the mom turned around and gave me one of the dirtiest looks I have ever seen. Should have shot with a rangefinder instead :) All the color shots were taken with my Canon 5d and either the 28/1.8 or the 50/1.4. I think my future dream is to get a 35/1.4 looks like a winner lens for street.

Fast forward again… a week or two. We got another snowstorm before Spring decided to stay for good.

By the time I took this shot I was really, really sick of winter… But I don’t hate this shot.

It is nice to look at though and photograph.


I was so captivated by this shadow. Its a very dramatic tree!

Ahhhhhh and Spring is finally here! This one was taken with my Contax 645 80/2.0 Zeiss Planar and Kodak Portra 160NC

Have more shots in the upcoming days but wanted to share these few for now.

Hope you’re all having a great week so far! I’m leaving for Québec city with 4 of my friends this w/e, hopefully I’ll get a chance to shoot :)

NEW YORK… Still missing you

It was a cold and damp April morning, 4:30 AM to be exact, there are very few things in my life that would make me get up that early. Knowing that in 6-7 hours I was going to be in Manhattan with 5 of my closest friends, honestly that is a no-brainer.

We rented a van, filled it up with day dreamers and big town promises and headed down to the border, which usually is not a big deal but 6 guys with unusual last names…lets just say I wore my best pair of underwear that morning.

What was supposed to be a dreaded moment was actually not so bad, the border officer even gave us a smile before letting us in, I guess she thought we were cute. Can you really blame her? ;)

My view for the next 6 hours or so. A smile is always welcomed.

He actually changed positions! I can’t sleep in any means of transportation… unless I’m… well… out of commission.

Somewhere in New Hampshire or Vermont we hit, what I thought was a bear, it actually turned out to be the biggest pheasant I have ever seen. This is the damage we got to the brand new rented van, it only had 29 km on the counter when we picked it up. Now it had about 60km, no logo, pieces missing from the front and a dented radiator. At first it really wasn’t a laughing matter but you know that with 6 guys, there’s at least one that will find the humor in it and make you almost glad you hit it.
That’s why I love these guys, the glass is always half full with them.

Stretch those necks and legs!

Empty those bladders ;)

First thing we saw coming in Manhattan, I won’t comment on this… I just thought it was interesting to see how this person needed to express his opinion.

Finally sat down to eat… in some deli which wasn’t half bad.

I really like this shot! The guys look completely lost! ;) Such a tourist shot with the map and all, even a little ghost top left.

By the way the color shots are all taken with the Fuji Sensia on my Electro 35GSN, the camera I love to hate… so damn unpredictable… keeps me very disciplined.

Elmo and Cookie monster… I didn’t know they lived in Manhattan!

My American shot!

Grand Central


Brooklyn Bridge… one of my favorite spots ever!

It just has character!

George, so serious when he’s reading!

Always lots going on.

Into Brooklyn!

Loved the view!

Lots of dogs also

Raffi, doing his “its raining and I’m very manly” pose.

Once upon a time in America

Yup, TV in bathroom

Next morning

My art donkey shot ;) but I still like it

Gotta have a subway shot!


Apparently, famous cupcakes

Love this structure!

And this one…

And this one, very cool!

This same spot at night is a whole different story ;)

Chelsea Market… a really cool place to check out and eat some tasty creations

Happiness in an over sized jar!

Open Market… close to Chelsea, reminded me of Marché Jean-Talon here in Montréal.

Some more dogs

We found out where that poor pheasant went!

Waiting to hook up with our friends in front of the Rebublik. Saw this lady with two kids (not twins) with the same striped hats and then I noticed the umbrellas… I wish I had composed it better but its still there I think.

This is the only way to eat soup :)

Shooting a shooter

Again… some serious reading


little red riding hood got lost in Manhattan

Later that evening we decided to find a pub and watch our Canadiens get clubbered by the Capitols

And sill, we were pretty happy! I had one of the best lamb burgers ever!

Some discussions about where we would be going out.

I never really do much shooting when I go out, as much as I love taking pictures I don’t see myself in a bar or club with doing it and many times some idiot spills some beer on you or I’m not allowed with a “real” camera.

I did however decide to go by myself at 1:00 AM and shoot some pics around Times Square

Advertising war

Best window I have seen in a while… so suave.

Next morning before leaving, I decided to get up early and shoot a little by myself.

I love Sunday mornings!

Hooked up with the guys for a last stroll… while they stuffed themselves with Gyros ;)

Sometimes the Electro 35 surprises me!

This guy makes $100 000 a year doing this “naked cowboy” gig

Need a subway shot

The kid has no idea I’m shooting him with a camera that’s as old as his father… or even older ;)

I wish I could have seen Manhattan in the 40s

Going back home… still had a glimpse of this wonderfully chaotic but gorgeous city that will always live in my heart, even more so now that I have such beautiful memories with my friends.

Hope you enjoyed your stay… I know I did.
Take care and thanks for watching!

Where the streets have no name…

I haven’t written anything for quite some time. And its not that I haven’t had anything to say or show…
I guess I just felt uninspired these past few months… until now that is.

I needed  to step out of my comfort zone to actually get my mind working again. Last July, my girlfriend and I spent to weeks in Tunisia and believe me I will never forget our experience. We arrived in Tunis after 7-8 hours of traveling from Montreal to Paris and Paris to Tunis. Dazed from being awake for 24h but at the same time excited we had finally arrived! First thing on the agenda, get a hotel room for the night. Before leaving on this trip we had decided on booking everything as we went along just to make things more interesting :).  I have to admit, she did a fantastic job planning our itinerary… I have no patience for things like that… I was too busy thinking about what film and cameras I would bring along! At the Tunis airport I found a pay phone that sort of worked and when I say sort of I mean I could only hear like a whisper at the other end of the line. Don’t ask me how, but I actually managed to book us two nights in Tunis, in a pretty decent hotel (A/C and private bathroom) with breakfast included for like $35 a night!

This is how our adventure began, I’ve never been good at describing things for people to imagine… I guess that’s one of the reasons why I like taking pictures so much, you can just listen to them.

Just imagine walking around in 40C weather, the smell from the sewers, the cars, the garbage…. just insane! But then, we would come across a man delivering fresh mint, or a man selling spices… and I fell back into a dream.

… Typical scene in the Souk, intertwined allies with shops…

… many people always walking by…

…. some playing….

… and others just doing their job.

Afternoon in Tunis (Charles de Gaule street), from our Hotel room

This a small square near the Parliament. For some, shade was always welcomed here.

A new tradition… whenever Amélie has something to eat and I have my camera, I will use it :)

Waiting for the local train… taking us to Sidi Bou Said.

I really liked Sidi Bou Said. It reminded me of the Greek Islands… and the calmness was very welcomed.

Yes… sleeping was very much on my mind at this point.

I don’t know why but I really like this one.

View from the top of the City

Amélie and doors… I don’t know why but I took like 30 shots of her in front of doors, she was in love with them.

Lesson well learned on this trip… sit and wait, things are bound to happen :)

Why I love shooting in b&w… things exist in the way I felt them.

That night we slept like babies! We sure felt better from that point on.

Some more markets…

… and some rest in the shade…

Typical little square with coffee shops.

Last few hours in Tunis.

Next morning we got up early and walked to the bus station… trying to get the earliest departure for Kairouan. It was a great 2h ride! The scenery was breathtaking and unusual for us. Lots of olive trees… which seemed to go on for miles and miles…

… gorgeous sights…

… and thankfully some great photo opportunities :)

Kairouan! Just a little south-west of Tunis. We got there around noon… the heat was just unbearable!
We tried to walk around but soon realized that we were better waiting till around 3 or 4 or face heat exhaustion.

Best bread ever! Home made, not too soft made with love and just perfect… and those who know me well know
that I simply adore bread!

Like many cities in Tunisia you find a main Mosque fortified by walls which used to protect the cities against invasions and/or harsh weather. Its like a small city within a city, with shops, artisans and restaurants. To us it looked more like a labyrinth that we would get lost in, and never come out the same way twice :)

Such a peaceful and traditional city. One of the things I enjoyed the most there was the call from the Mosque for prayer, that man singing had a beautiful and powerful voice. Of course it was less attractive when he called out at 3am… but still, I always felt  like he was singing from the heart.

During out whole trip, we never saw a cloud in the sky… but we sure did have a chance to experience some beautiful sunsets!

Nice resto (Sabra) where he had supper.

Next morning I went on to the roof of the hotel and shot a couple of frames before heading to the bus station… next stop…
the island of Djerba!

As always… I enjoyed natural light so much!

Breakfast of champions! Home made bread, coffee… really good coffee and some figue jam.

After what seemed like a never ending bus ride in 40C degrees, for like 6-7 hours,
we had finally boarded the ferry for Djerba!

I tell you the sight of the ocean made us very… very happy!

We arrived at our Hotel (Lotos) just in time for supper and not a moment too soon! This place was great! Not only the architecture was still from like the 40s or 50s but the service and food where outstanding!
We really felt comfortable… and finally a place with beer and wine :)
Not easy finding a hotel or restaurant that serves alcohol in a Muslim country… not that it mattered that much
but after a 6 hour trip a beer sure tasted good!

Ahhh morning in Djerba… always a nice breeze coming from the ocean!

Finally… the Mediterranean sea!

Love that Ilford PANF 50 film! Damn crisp! You should see this on a 32″ screen!

Near Houmt Souk (Djerba)

Les Baboush

No shortage of motorcycles there… that’s for sure!

Local Fish Market. All transactions are done by performing very specific gestures that tell the buyer or seller what is going on without talking.

My nose was very happy here!

Many people selling Jasmin… Contrary to our custom, it is mostly the men who buy Jasmin flowers
and put them in their hair.

Next morning we left with our guide, who was referred to us by the hotel owner, and braved the 400km which would take us to some unbelievable places in extremely warm weather… close to 52C, we even had a warning of a Sirocco coming our way.

First stop… Medenine
A very well kept “Berbere” village which had now become a tourist trap! I kind of fell in that trap but got out of it with my head high :) Only spent 5$

This was the window in the bathroom… or as I called it “hole in the wall”.

A small stop on the way…

… to Ksar Hedada. Another “Berbere” type village which was used for the filming of Star Wars
episode I “The Phantom Menace”

Lots of restorations but also some parts were being modified into a Hotel.

A very unusual place! I was surprised at how cooler the temperature was when you entered
one of the chambers.

Back on the road and heading to Chenini, which turned out to be my favorite place!

Turns out this village was carved out in the mountain.

Pretty impressive!

Taking a little break from the heat… which seemed to be our favorite activity.

Our guide sorting out some kind of special menu for us. We had Couscous with Lamb, a tuna brick (which is a half-moon shaped dough, deep fried and filled with eggs and tuna), a tomato and cucumber salad and for desert a honey and nut mixture that resembles Gazelle horns.
To top it all off we had a traditional Thyme tea…  and it tasted great, very sweet but very nice!

A well decorated restaurant-carved-in-the-mountain type.

We came across some goats resting in the shade.

The beginning of the desert!
Too bad we couldn’t spend a couple of days in the desert… we were really in the worst period for that.
No excursions take place during the summer months unless you are ready to die.
We later learned that it was possible but only if you left late afternoon and came back very early the next morning… oh well… maybe next time :)

We also came across a salt lake. I just remember how quiet and peaceful we felt there.

I was just about fed up of the heat at this point.

We felt a little sad leaving Djerba. In all we spent 4 days there, we really had a great time!
I was also looking forward to our next stop… Sousse!

Ahhh Sousse, a mishmash of local tourists, also Russian, English, German and French tourists and everything from women wearing traditional clothing to tourists going topless… very strange indeed.

Local Beach

The Medina… where was our Hotel. Very nice place with a large patio. Every morning an old man would do his morning exercise routine on the patio next to our door.

Good morning creepy old man!

The main boardwalk where you had to deal a price for two long chairs and an umbrella… average price $6 for the whole day.

Very strange indeed!

We decided to spend a part of the day in El Djem… wich is about an hour train ride from Sousse. Still standing there is a Colisseum from the Roman era… which was very well preserved!

Many Spanish tourists that day

We also decided to walk around the city for a while before catching the next train back to Sousse.

A very charming city!

Back in Sousse I took this shot…

From the top of that tower… another Fort built to defend the city and Mosque.

View from the other side

From inside

Our last moments in Sousse

Some good deals to be made… if you know how to deal… I don’t. But to my defense, I brought down a $60 bracelet to around $5. Apparently (according to my girlfriend) still to expensive :)

No matter where you go… boys will be boys!

Every night they would bring the plates back in the store… and every morning put them back out again!

I will keep this experience in my heart forever… not because I was happy there… nor because I learned a lot…
or anything like that. This trip changed something inside of me and I feel like a door has been opened.
I know it sounds strange, I have a hard time describing it myself but it is what it is. I just wish I had more time and money to travel, until I get too old or blind to continue. With my Amélie, the best partner I could ever imagine beside me.

This entry is dedicated to her… because without her I would still be lost somewhere in Tunisia… well not really.
She knows why and that’s all that counts.

Springing into action

Every year towards the end of winter, I find myself confronting the same question… why the hell do I keep on living in such a cold and miserable place, beautiful yes but damn the winter drags on here. And then we hit Spring! And all is forgiven and forgotten, I feel my heart beating again a my head fills with hope :). I wanted to share some shots I took about a month ago. All of these were taken in Montréal, starting with a gathering against police brutality, St-Patricks parade and a must on Sunday for Ams and I… Marché Jean-Talon. All these were taken with my Nikon F3, 50mm Nikkor/1.8 and Ilford Pan F 50 film.

Its was a beautiful Sunday morning, went out with my girlfriend for a little shopping and just stubled onto to the early stages of this demonstration… but I knew something was cooking. There were cops everywhere, news cameras, photographers and lots of youg people shouting slogans. Thankfully I always carry a camera with me…and at least a spare film. Unfortunately I wasn’t going to hang around very long and you never keep a lady waiting. So I snapped a few shots and decided that I would rather make good use of the already short time I spend with Ams. It was hard though… I really wanted to stick around and get the moment when everything just fell apart, I got that moment but like three hours later on TV… oh well.

A small presence soon grew into a full gathering

Things were heating up

This is something rarely seen here in Montreal so you can imagine the interest.

Moments later the crowd began moving downtown, smashing windows setting cop cars on fire… you know the usual succession of events when you mix young frustrated souls and cops. I do regret not sticking around for that… It would have been interesting to shoot, to say the least.

Moving right along to another day, another time, walking around the St-Patricks parade.

A different kind of gathering. This was at the St-Patricks Parade

Some old friends getting together

Our national hero… “Bonhomme Carnaval”

Random peopleSweet sounds of the pipes… when they’re played right.

We then took a little stroll to our now fetish place for produce and wine… Marché JT





Finally my first post

Since this is my first post here, I wanted to share with you the last couple of  years… with some photography. I used to bublish my blog on Uber (for those who remember) and I have to admit that I miss this form of communication. I’ve never been a good story teller but I think that through my pictures I am able to show a part of my life that would otherwise get lost.

Here is a little glimpse into my life…

Amélie and Frank at the “Nuit blanche” in Montreal

Ice wall at the same event.

Fast forward to our trip in Punta Cana

Back in the city… Old Montreal…

Ams munching…

… and our beloved dog park.

First shot with my Contax 645… what a lovely camera! A true love story was born :)

Frank & Fred… the new generation of mobsters.

Just another night out with the boys…

Both images “Electro 35 GSN” for those who are interested.

Sometimes I just get lucky.

Yup Lily the hovering dog

Ahhh… Summer in Montreal!

Also discovered my love for Ilford Pan 50 ;)

Bored… unhappy days…

… some days don’t go your way…

Others end on a sweet note… That’s Maple syrup on snow for those who wouldn’t know.

The things some people gotta do to get the right shot.

Fast times!

Never understood the women and fast cars things… Maybe because I’m not into fast cars ;)

Sweetest kid in the world!

And the proud daddy.

Trip to NY

Had fun on that NY trip!

My niece Vanessa

Weekend on the Island

What three night sleeping outside will do to you :)

John… John!

Last Summer also brought Gen and Berdj  a little Miracle named Xavier

And this next shot… probably one of my favorites from last Summer

I keep ion finding new things every time I look at this shot.

And this one… very rare that I have a shot of myself :)

Some fashion event last Summer

Summer Jazz Fest

Sofia’s baptism

Sebs and MCs wedding!

And then some city moments and Band evenings

And some more Summer moments

Sears pose

Flying babies

Rafi’s Chalet


Back to my beloved city

Some mornings are more interesting than others

Marché JT

A session with Seb during Fall

Some fashion moments

Tone Signal moment

Family moments

I guess that pretty much sums up the last year… and then some. I hope you guys have high speed for this entry, I promise the next ones should not be as painful. I’ll try  to keep this blog updated, sort of like my illustrated journal. I have never been much of a writer so I’ll let my photos speak for themselves.

I hope you enjoyed your stay… thanks for watching!