Ohh James…

I had the great opportunity and pleasure of working with my dear old friend James Correa. It was a perfect Spring evening, the light was fantabulous and I was waiting impatiently to try my carl zeiss t* planar 50mm f/1.4 with an FX mount for the X-pro1. Which would be like a 80mm or so on a full frame body. And thus, a love story was reborn!

James_C_ 3

James_C_ 15

James_C_ 5

James_C_ 7

James_C_ 11

Some very minor retouching and color correcting were done in photoshop and VCSO film. And I love the manual focus on this cam, I don’t know why so many people bitch about it :)

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Second impressions

I’m just starting to understand all the features on the Fuji X-pro1. One of the many features which I find super is the double expose option. I had a bit of fun during the Holidays playing around with it and here are some of the shots. I think next Summer will be a great time to explore this option, especially to give it the “taking photos through a window” kind of effect. Like seeing what’s ahead and what’s behind at the same time.

These were taken with a Fuji X-Pro1 and the 18mm 2.0, double expose mode.
Converted with VSCO film simulation plugin in Aperture.

DSCF1380 DSCF1379 DSCF1378

Maui?… Mais oui!

Maui??? Really??? That is exactly what I told Amélie when she suggested we go there for our Honeymoon! But you know what, she was right on the money…again! I knew there was a reason why I wanted to marry her. :) She’s always kept me on my toes and makes the impossible seem very possible.

There are many ways I could describe this trip but again I’d rather do it with photography rather than put it into words. I didn’t think it was possible after visiting Greece but I stand corrected, I really think this was my favorite trip ever!

We were still very high from the whole wedding experience but also exhausted from the emotional roller coaster. It was a strange feeling being on a plane so soon after the celebration… it felt like we were in a dream.

Morning view from the balcony from the rented condo!
We landed at night so I didn’t take any pictures other than the ones I took with the Ipod. I had just bought it before the wedding! That thing was so useful during the whole trip… as long as we had a free wifi connection, which we did!!! :)

The living quarters :) I was surprised at how nice and big this place was, it really made this whole trip seem even more like a dream!

From the beginning it was pretty incredible to see how the plants, animals and the ocean were different there. I mean just when I looked at the grass it was so thick and rich… didn’t look or feel like anything I had seen before. The greens looked almost enhanced and kind of glowing.

View of the beach at the condo area.

The condos

That morning we took a ride up the mountain to the country side (I’m sooo glad we rented a car) and decided we were going to stop at a winery and then continue our little adventure of the day. We ate a little snack at this great BBQ place before going over.

The mandatory tourist shot!


Lets see how many things we can do in one day… I’m just messing with her, she knows that.

I was already pretty much in relaxation mode.

Strange how quickly the vegetation changed once we got some altitude. The heart of the Ulupalakua ranch and winery sits on the leeward slopes of Haleakala at an elevation of slightly under 2000 feet or 600 meters.

To protect the winery!

Yes sweetie its only the beginning! I’ll be taking a lot more pictures in the days to come :)

This guy was a little creepy.

The Ulupalakua Red was pretty good as was the Maui blanc with a slight pineapple flavor. I was also surprised at the fact that the wine tasting was free!

Nice little place!

A little bit of history…

… time to go!

Lavender fields, the scent around this place was wonderful!

And so was the view!

A very Zen place I must say!

With the occasional scarecrow… ready for Halloween!

Everything was so stylish…

… and tempting!

We then went to visit a small garden with some really beautiful flowers. I’m not really a flower person but the colors and details on these beauties was worth capturing.

Another rare flower :)

No enhancements here! If my memory serves me well, the colors were really this bright!

We passed a really nice church on our way down to Hookipa beach.

This is Hoopika beach, you can’t really see it from the pictures but it was really windy that day… to the point where I had to bend my knees and make sure the gust wouldn’t blow me over. It was a great day for surfing though, they all looked like dolphins zooming by!

A great place to chill or do some soul-searching.

Some like to take the hard way out!

While others would much rather discuss things beforehand.

It was really impressive to see all these guys and girls having fun in the middle of all that chaos! I was almost envious… almost :)

With all that wind it was no easy task.

But where there’s a will…

… There’s certainly a way.

The next morning we got up really early, around 5:30 I would say, we had booked a snorkeling trip to the Molokini island just of the coast of Maui. There were some warnings of strong wind and so a big chance the whole trip would be canceled but they decided to go ahead anyways.

Things started out well enough.

I did have this unpleasant feeling brewing in the pit of my stomach. Even though we were on a huge boat, as soon as we stopped to go snorkeling I knew it was going to be big trouble for me. At least I got the next few shots before I got really… like really sick!

This is me thinking about Gravol and knowing it would be too late :)

Worth getting sick for!


This guy was in another dimension… looked like a great place to be.

Some small colorful fish…

… and some big yet still colorful fish.

Between my trips to the bathroom I still managed to take a couple of shots…not as many as I wanted but who’s complaining.

I did however miss a school of spinner dolphins zooming by and ridding with our boat + a huge, huge Manta Ray. I saw them, I just didn’t have the chance or will to take out my camera. And honestly I didn’t mind that much, I have the mental image and experience burned into my head… the dolphins actually made me tear, they are so beautiful and playful! I can’t understand how they can slaughter them like they do in Japan… very sad.

After the trip we spent some time on the beach, on firm ground, to just get me back on track :)

There goes my hat!

And my Ipod! I’m telling you, we were married for like only 5 days and I had already lost everything! Hehehehe I’m so dramatic sometimes ;)

At least I had this nice beer to keep me company :) It was actually pretty good! And the label was class!

Everyday we had a beautiful sunset! Probably the nicest ones I have ever seen… after Folegandros of course ;)

Some days later we booked a reservation in the town of Lahaina for a Luau.
It was a fantastic culinary experience as well as entertaining. I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves here.

My tourist look! ;)

A beautiful site!

It was like being in a sweet dream… really.

Announcing the beginning of the show.

This was really sweet! In every possible way.

My favorite part!

It was a great night!!! I’ll never forget the experience. Considering that we had open bar (I wasn’t drinking though since I was the driver), a five coarse meal and some great entertainment, $100 per person was a very reasonable price.

Just because we were on our Honeymoon didn’t mean we were going to relax and do nothing for very long… Oh no sir! Not with Amélie! There was all this talk about going to see the sunrise from the top of the Haleakala site. We had to wake up around 3:00 AM get our stuff together, eat a little something and drive all the way up, about a three-hour drive. The waking up didn’t bother me that much but the drive… It probably shaved off a couple of years from my life :) It was really dark going up and some of the turns were like 90 degree turns and this was going on for like two hours! Anyways, once we got there I understood why it was worth it.

It was so quiet… except for the occasional tourists yapping away :)

It was cold up there… I mean cold compared to the sea level. We were at about 3km of altitude and it was about 8 degrees celsius but no wind and very dry.

Magic time!

The heat from the first sun rays was a blessing!

We decided to really experience this whole place and go for a nice two-hour “stroll”.

Forgot how to set the self timer, that’s how much I use it ;)

It felt like we were on the moon! It was really quiet and the volcanic landscape was so different from what we are used to seeing!

Getting closer to the two cones.

This old man needed a little rest :)


Who needs a self timer!

The only visible life!

I made it! And I got my hat back!

Felt good to walk on a paved surface.

Later that afternoon we drove around and made some short stops at different sites, it was a beautiful but also long day!

This one is one of my favorites from the trip.

Back in Lahaina

The only surfing I could get close to. Yes I was in the water, yes I was worried for my gear and no I couldn’t pass the opportunity. But I did however leave the 5d in the bag. This was with a EOS5 and some Portra ISO 800… it was already in the cam.

And when will I get my Ipod back?

The next day we decided to tackle the road to Hanna…and I’m using the term “tackle” very loosely here. What I thought was a hard drive up the mountain this would prove to test all my abilities to their fullest capacity! :) Shaved of another five years of my life. Yes, I’m over dramatizing but it was a hell of a drive. Many 90 degree turns were the road was narrowed down to one lane, so you had to watch out for on coming traffic and hope the other person was doing the same.

Nevertheless, we did get a chance to see some amazing things… and places.

This view was… wow!

So was this!

Technology was never too far though!

A natural tunnel!

Pretty lava rocks!

And some crazy-ass waves! That guy in the water had a death wish, I’m sure!

We then stopped at a national Park not far from Hana.

I guess people were in need of some relaxation… just as we were.

Normally, I wouldn’t stop to take a picture of some scenery but this was not your normal kind of scenery. It makes you wonder… with so much beauty around us how humans can be so horrible sometimes.

It was an incredible experience! About a 5-6 hour for the whole drive and half of it was done on a non-paved road. That little Kia sure took a beating! I was beyond exhausted when we got back to the condo but at the same time I had this great energy from the whole experience.

Some last shots of random Maui moments.

The last hours are always the hardest ones.

If you’ve never been to Maui you should go… trust me! If you think you can’t afford it, you can, trust me ;)

Hope you enjoyed your stay… I promised myself that in 2011 I would take more care of my Blog, it also gives me a reason to take more pictures!

Thanks for watching!