Analog… I missed you


I had two undeveloped rolls of film in my fridge for some time now, just trying to get to the lab on my “free” time was quite a challenge. Nevertheless, against all odds, I was able to get them developed and scanned. First frames were taken with some Fuji Acros 100 and the rest with some Kodak 125PX (expired).

All shot on a Nikon F3 / Nikkor 50mm / 1.8







The next ones with Kodak PX125






I know, I’m old school but film doesn’t lie and to be honest I still haven’t been able get the same from digital. It’s like comparing “like” to “love”.

I need to shoot more film… a lot more!



Analog love… in a digital world

There comes a point in your life where you have to just admit to yourself certain things, things that you keep avoiding. In my case, I want to love digital photography and to some extent I do but nothing like getting some decent scans back from the lab. There is still something in film and especially bw photography that I haven’t seen or felt when looking at digital files.

This next set is pretty random and some were taken last Summer, and others right before the new year. These were all taken with the Hexar AF and Kodak Tri-X 400.

Somewhere up north…000000030001

private “lake” and all :)000000030003





My dad which I hadn’t seen for like 5 years and it was the first time in 20 years that we spent Christmas together as a family… crazy!000000030013

This was mind blowing… seeing my dad with my son, for the first time, just a great moment!000000030018

My wife and newborn son  :) quiet moments are very rare in our house.000000030014


These two are always together, especially when my son is eating something. The possibility that he will drop some food is pretty high, and also recurring. 000000030022


We had a very mild Christmas, it almost felt like Spring000000030034

Summer 2011 photo blitz part 1

These days I feel like I’m caught between a dream, what ever is in the middle and real life. I wouldn’t say its hard, its just very different from what I’m used to feeling. In about 6 weeks my wife is supposed give birth, our first baby, the reason why my life has already changed so drastically, but in a good way of course :) I miss writing blogs, its not that I have no time, I could find the time, its not that hard but its just that I choose to spend more time elsewhere, make sure things are alright and that we’re on track with everything.

I admire parents, my parents, also my friends who already have kids and all of those couples that have 2 kids or more. Just thinking about kids can be exhausting :) But before I embark on this incredible adventure with Amélie, I will try to catch up with my entries and share some of my favourite shots from this Summer,  this is part 1 of 2 by the way.

Where to begin…

Sometime during the month of June, I had the great pleasure of having Arthur Mola and Philip Schulte over for the weekend. It was during the Grand Prix weekend of all possible weekends :) Always a pleasure spending time and shooting with people who love photography as much as them. What I remember the most from that weekend was, Tri-x, Jack and coke, using Philip’s M6, an exploding battery, getting our picture taken by the photo guy and watching Philip eat his first “real” poutine. The rest is all about having a good time!

Sherbrooke Metro on a Friday evening, the night we went out.


As I was saying

I really want a M6 with the Nokton 1.1, c’est si joli! :)

We all have our moments

Mr Mola on the hunt

I’ve had many meals in this place…. but none that I can clearly remember.

I always enjoy finding available light sources especially during the night but that’s not why I find this picture interesting.

I had no light meter by the way, the battery was dead on the M6 so all the night shots were a guess.

A must

After a good night sleep, or what was left of it, I made the guys some crepes and we ate outside. Last day in town for them, I thought it would only be appropriate to show them the Old port and Chinatown. Oddly enough I didn’t take many pictures, I guess I was more interested in seeing what they had experienced. Nevertheless here are some of the ones I managed to take.


My Contax 645 had to come out for this special occasion.

Arthur took this one

And this one, that is my “Ididn’tgetenoughsleep” face

This was at 1.1 with the Nokton 50, damn that’s shallow :) I should of had more practice with it but still enjoyed the outcome.

I was pretty off on this shot, but the essential is there

Street performer getting his share of attention

Chinatown, obviously

Some nice action again! We headed back to my place and the guys packed up and got ready for the drive back to Toronto, which I believe is about 6-7 hours away. It was short and sweet, happy they came down and hopefully it wont’t be our last gathering!

Later that month I went For a boys weekend to Quebec city, a quick 2 day adventure that was long overdue :)


Was great to have some quality time with the guys.

This shot just makes me smile, that early morning attitude… before coffee of course.

A little windy that morning

But not without a sense of humour. That had to be the earliest bachelor party ever… Would you like some Jack Daniels with your eggs? We later saw him again twice, the second time he didn’t look as energetic ;)

Tourists… they are so visible…

… like vintage cars, which I prefer to tourists ;)

One of those moments

Met up with the guys later on and had “some” Sangria

Tourists :)

David Bowie

Love walking in this weather.

Getting ready for supper. Was a great weekend indeed!

Now onto something completely different. My wife and I decided to rent a cottage in the eastern townships and invite here parents for a long weekend. They had helped us so much with our wedding that it seemed like the least we could do. It was a perfectly relaxing weekend and for once I felt like they were getting taken care
of  and not the other way around :)

Good times!

So glad they enjoyed it!

I love these moments

Time has no value here.

You can concentrate on the important things in life.

ADD Attention definitely desired

She loves reading…

Runs in the family I guess


A nice view I’m sure :)

The friendly stalker.

Later on in July we were at our friend’s boy’s 2nd B-day party, a gorgeous day, a nice pool and great company.

Birthday boy gets bypassed by impostor

Good luck trying to blowout a sparkle :)

Have your cake bud!


Lots of kids everywhere!

He’s actually pretty good ;)

Our host

The party animal

Ze ballons, of course!


With his parents

Time for presents!

A moving violation!

Conversations – Hey, there’s my little boy!… somewhere there. :)

Related? ;)

How about these two?

Some soothing

Some attitude! I’m sure he was like: “Buddy, put the camera down and lets go swim!”

A perfect Summer day!


You can rest now, all has been done!

The next ones are really random from the days that followed.

That’s a dog lover! :)

Good times

Good food


Those eyes!

Something tasted funny, I guess.

Kids, they’re everywhere I tell you!

Too adorable to pass

Ok enough with the kids, for now.

Back to kids :)

A father daughter moment, interrupted by the incredibly loud Contax 645 :)

During my official B-day celebration brunch ;)

And my mama!

Well, that’s it for now. I have lots more to show you in part two. A little more documentary style but still very summer-ish for the most part ;)

Hope you enjoyed watching.

A bientôt!

Better late than never

Let me begin by thanking all the people who wrote a comment on my last entry. When I saw those emails come in I thought for sure I had a virus :). I was delighted to see how many people found it useful and it made me also think about the importance of the subject as a discussion. This entry will be much different from the last one but is more in line with what I usually post here. I was very busy for the last three months with work and especially since I added a grueling exercise routine in my life… which is worth every painful moment :) I actually see and feel the results and I love it. But the most important thing over everything else is that my wife and I are expecting a baby :))))) It’s been great so far! Things are going well and she’s already half way there, so my time has been divided in to many wonderful new chapters. I still managed to shoot some photos during the last few months but I’ve only gotten to them now, a few shots are really out of season. Nevertheless, I thought I would share them here.

They start somewhere in Feb 2011 and end in May 2011.

Feb 2011 I spent the weekend with my wife at my friend’s house in Quebec city. Was great to see him and all the family. It was the first time I actually managed to catch the winter carnival!

:) I love them!

Vincent taking the road less traveled.

Bonhomme Carnaval… the official mascot.

From this photo you can’t really tell but it was damn cold that day… around -25C. My fingers were frozen.

Little fella needed a coat to make it through that day.

Probably the only ones staying warm that day.

I wonder if he was thinking about the end of the run.


She’s such a cutie

After such a painfully cold day what better than a little cheese fondue to ease the pain Mmmmmm. Was great to see Ian again, always a pleasure to spend time with his family :) Skip forward about a week, my wife and I decided to continue our steak of courage and go see the “festivals des lumières” in our own town, Montréal.

It wasn’t as cold as Québec city but nevertheless pretty damn cold!

This is how we keep warm in -20C :)

Still, I’m a big fan of open spaces and especially during winter when everything is so quiet.

Slippery as hell also… had to watch my step here.

The fun part abut winter.

I took a very similar shot in bw a while ago, its just funny to see how I love this angle :)

Saddest dear I have ever seen.

Another pitstop to get the blood flowing.

Another reason to freeze your tush, stop for some maple syrup on a stick.

Another heat source which is actually used to cook sausages… maple smoked ones mmmmmm

Kids have fun in any type of weather… not me.

I enjoy shopping in unusual places :)

Ok now skip forward another couple of weeks and here we are at the St-Patricks parade!

I took some shots in bw with my Nikon F3 and some Kodak Plus-X 125.

Some of the odd things you might see on a Sunday morning downtown. :)

This girl made me think of Madonna for some reason.

“That’s right honey, take some pictures while daddy sips his beer.”

A story about a man and his stick :).

I’m sure he has seen many St-Patrick parades.

This time it’s the stick that grabbed the dog.

One of my favourite shots from this year.

I love people!


If walls could talk.

These kids were just to cute to ignore. As I snapped this shot the mom turned around and gave me one of the dirtiest looks I have ever seen. Should have shot with a rangefinder instead :) All the color shots were taken with my Canon 5d and either the 28/1.8 or the 50/1.4. I think my future dream is to get a 35/1.4 looks like a winner lens for street.

Fast forward again… a week or two. We got another snowstorm before Spring decided to stay for good.

By the time I took this shot I was really, really sick of winter… But I don’t hate this shot.

It is nice to look at though and photograph.


I was so captivated by this shadow. Its a very dramatic tree!

Ahhhhhh and Spring is finally here! This one was taken with my Contax 645 80/2.0 Zeiss Planar and Kodak Portra 160NC

Have more shots in the upcoming days but wanted to share these few for now.

Hope you’re all having a great week so far! I’m leaving for Québec city with 4 of my friends this w/e, hopefully I’ll get a chance to shoot :)

Street is serious… if you have a sense of humor

How to sum up three joyous days of photography, meeting really great talented people and everything in between? Well, if I was a creative writer I would be up to the task but since I’m not, I choose to let my pictures speak for themselves. Street photography is rather new to me as a concept, I believe I’m more familiar or should say comfortable shooting documentary and portraits. I guess that is the main reason why I wanted to take part in this workshop, to get a better understanding of what street photography is… the essence of it that is. You can theorize street photography all you want but what really did it for me was seeing all these guys in action. It made a whole world of difference to me.

“A good snapshot stops a moment from running away”. ~Eudora Welty
Not my favourite photographer but I sure like that quote.

Friday before the workshop, since I had the day to myself, I decided to go down to Venice beach and shoot some frames.

Wide spaces, gray or sunny make me feel good. All the color ones, unless specified otherwise, were shot with the Contax 645, 80mm 2.0 and 160NC film.

I was here about 10 years ago during Summer and it was great to see it under such different circumstances and weather. It also made me realize how photography has changed the way I look at things and experience them.

I love old cars… and how they set time lines in a shot such as this. Of course that dish bring you right back to reality.

This guy was really amusing! He just bladed up and down the beach playing his guitar through a mini amp, which was surprisingly loud! A couple of days later Nhat Nguyen told me a great story about this guy and another dude which involved a book a bout rollerblading, some heated discussions/altercations and about 25 years of stubbornness. ;) But I’d digress!

I want a house like that!!!

Lots of different people and things going on in Venice.

This skate park must be really cool to shoot when its active. Although I still liked the emptiness and concrete shapes.

More bikes

All kinds of characters

I love pelicans in formation!
Its too bad I only had a few hours down in Venice, that morning I couldn’t make up my mind… it looked like it was going to rain but at the same time I didn’t want to be stuck at the Hotel all day long, I only had one day before the workshop and I totally didn’t want to waste it. I’m glad I went down! The trip back though was a different story. Taking the bus back to the Hotel (which was about an 1h 1/2 ride) was an adventure in itself. It was around 4:30 pm on a Friday so you can imagine that it was close to rush hour and everyone was on a rush to get somewhere. But it didn’t bother that much, I wasn’t home and just being somewhere new, experiencing the moment, the smells and sounds was captivating. It really started raining hard by the time I got off the bus, I only had about a 5min walk back to the Hotel so I didn’t mind that much. I went in to a 7 eleven and picked up some beer and wine… which by the way was a third of the price we pay back in Montreal for the same wine. Fucking government run liquor stores are a gold mine. So anyways, I was on my way back all happy and still floating on a cloud from the whole day when this asshole in a Hummer looked straight at me as he was going up the hill and went for this huge puddle of water right beside me. I mean he really swerved into it and I just saw a wall of water coming right at me. Needless to say I was soaked from head to toe, even my plastic bags with the beer and wine were filled with water. I hate Hummers, but even more I hate assholes in Hummers… which kind of go hand in hand.

Sexy legs right? Minus the socks of course… and some really wet clothes in the bathroom.

Next morning walking to our meeting point in Chinatown. I was thinking about this whole trip and what exactly we were going to do that day, I then realized I had to just live the moment and stop thinking so far ahead. One of the great things I took back from this trip. I tend to over think things too much and question my decisions, its really annoying. 2011 will be the end of that as I know it… for many reasons ;)

First shot in Chinatown… glad I brought the Electro 35. It still surprises me from time to time.
Got to the meeting point and recognized Chris Weeks right away amongst other talent people. It is kind of surreal meeting someone who’s work you’ve followed and admired for a while and are used to only communicating via internet. Back in the days when he was on Deviantart I was doing a lot of painting and hadn’t really touched photography in a while. Through Chris’s journal entries I got to discover Severin Koller’s work as well as Arthur Mola’s, to only name a few. I won’t get into a whole discussion about how and when but if you haven’t seen their work you SHOULD take the time to look at it, really. In fact its because of these talented photographers that I fell back in love with photography. I really found the whole concept of street photography liberating. Here I was painting for the last 4 years and was filled with frustration from the lack of time and skill I needed to create the images I so wanted to create. That isn’t to say that street photography, when done well, is any easier. In many ways its even harder but the whole aspect of painting with light, looking for the moment or like Frank Jackson would say: “Letting the moment find you” was very attractive and inspiring.

After some tasty entries and a few words exchanged we headed to a quieter and sunnier spot where Chris, Frank and Severin talked about their work and the story behind some of the shots.

I found Frank’s approach to photography very poetic.

What I enjoyed the most about this whole experience is getting very different point of views from each one of them. There’s no wrong or right way in which you have to approach street photography, you have to find your own way. So to me its kind of like a ship that will never reach its destination but rather keeps on collecting experiences from all of its voyages.

Ok no more ranting, here are the shots from both days and some from the last night. First I wanted to select only the ones I thought were the best but since this is a blog entry and not only a street entry, I decided to show you more of what I experienced as it flowed.

Oh yeah, the leica guy! ;) We had the opportunity to shoot all day with some Leica M9s
and I chose a nice 35/2 . First time I ever held or shot a LeicaM camera. At first I wasn’t comfortable at all, it was very different and really smooth. I’m so used to my Nikon F3 and the Electro that this was like ridding a Ferrari for the first time. I think I only got the hang of it by the end of the day ;)

Snipers getting into position!

One more way to use an umbrella

Destination crisis

The M9 is really quiet

One size fits all

I like this moment

Mr Jackson

We then changed locations and headed down to Olvera Street

We all wear masks from time to time ;)


This was right before we went in for supper and Severin let me use Chris’s Nocti, bad idea, now I want one and an M6 :) But seriously what a lens!!! Its either I get a car or buy one of these but I still haven’t decided.
Next frames are with the Nocti on the M9 and files converted in Silver Efex 2.0

I was very glad to also have met Andy Bond from Vancouver. Another great guy and very talented as well.

Chris Weeks, who hadn’t yet realized I was shooting with his Nocti ;) Or had he?

Severin Koller

Andres Izquieta

Paul Posadas who’s calm energy I enjoyed very much and who reminded me… and others too I’m sure, that it isn’t really the camera that makes the photographer. I’m still amazed but what he shot with a little point and shoot. Nice work Paul!

It wasn’t too long before the guys were at it again! :)

We then had supper and talked about our day, the food was pretty decent.

Later that evening I hooked up with Arthur and we, innocently enough, decided to walk down Sunset thinking we would see some action. What we didn’t realize is that we were pretty far from any action and it was getting pretty cold, even by Canadian standards. But nevertheless it turnout to be a fun stroll to nowhere with some pretty interesting topics of conversation. Man, he really made me laugh with his stories!!! It was great killing some time together. I really only managed one shot from that night.

Cute though, right?

That night I got a text message from Nhat and we decided to hook up the next morning and have coffee before meeting back at Chris’s place. I was really happy we actually had a chance to meet and chat for a while, one of those talks that I wish would have lasted much longer. Which reminds me, somewhere in Severin’s negatives there is a 1/2 roll of pictures I took of Nhat that morning with my Contax 645. I will have to come back to that one day. I have a feeling our paths will cross again… I’m pretty sure.

Almost ready to go.

I’m glad Severin used my Contax, its always interesting to see how other people use one’s camera, and in this case I was sure he was going to enjoy it! I saw him shooting some crazy stuff which I can’t wait to see!

We started out at the farmer’s market

A lot was going on there! Great starting point!

I wonder if that is his real name.

Sometimes it’s right there!

And then other times you let them find you ;)

Urban camouflage

We split up into three groups and decided to hit Hollywood boulevard. I was with Frank Jackson and Paul Posadas. Here Frank is consciously or not giving me the thumbs up, can’t even remember taking this shot.

I think I had a much better second day than the first day, and it had a lot to do with the fact that I used my own cameras + I was more into getting the shot.

Some are just moments I want to remember for personal reasons.

Others just made me smile.


Because of the oscars, they had closed a portion of the street which was great for changing directions at any time.

There were some quiet moments…

… some loud ones…

… and some unexpected ones.


… they could be anyone…

… so yo better make a lasting impression.

I really enjoyed watching Severin in action, I was surprised at how close he got to people and actually got them into it.

Just another moment

Open for business

Helping the business

Taking care of business?

Are we missing what’s right in front of us?

Waiting for something

Met up with the rest of the gang and we headed to the rendez-vous point. Luckily there was no shortage of stuff to shoot.

There were even other guys looking for some moments… I’m not sure what this guy was looking for though.

That’s one cozy looking dog

I remember when I used to smoke how frustrating it was when I couldn’t find a light… it drove me nuts. Quiet desperation!

Yes, I love old cars! Don’t see many of these back at home.

Don’t see any of these back at home.

Waiting endlessly

Like I said, I like old things… that includes buildings and details.

Where is this guy going dressed like that?

I was actually looking for Spike Lee but this is close enough :)
We then headed back to Chris’s place where we did our final selects and had some really tasty pizza!
But not before getting some last shots.

A dangerous gathering… no one knows who might get shot

The again, some of them might actually enjoy it.

Back at Chris’s place everyone was pretty busy making their final selects.

Felt really good being around people who shared the same passion about photography…

… and also being out of the cold.

That same night we shot down in the echo park area.

Night encounters

She was nice, in a freakish kind of way

You will probably see what was on the other end in one of their entries :)

Strange how pre-concieved notions get challenged sometimes.

I wonder what George Lucas would think of this setup, then again who cares, I liked it.

Everything looks different at night and in bw


Michael Hacker reviewing

Where do you go from here?

We stopped at a dinner and had a snack before calling it a night.

I’m happy with how this shot turned out.

We walked down Sunset and said our goodbyes. By the time I packed and was ready to go to sleep there was about an hour left before my cab got to the Hotel, so basically I didn’t sleep. This trip sure was a blast in every way, I definitely learned a lot about myself and others through photography. Now the exciting part will be to put my new perspective into use. Thank you Chris, Severin and Frank for your knowledge and for putting together this workshop. Would be great to see you guys in Montréal one day… who knows.

À bientôt!

LA street is serious day 0

So I totally lied when I said I would post an entry a week… but I had a good excuse for it. I was preparing for my trip to LA for the “Street is serious” workshop. More on that in the next entry, I can’t talk about it without having to show you some pictures. Which reminds me, I should either start looking for a lab that doesn’t take more than a week to process all my b&w or just develop my films at home and get a good scanner, decisions… decisions :)

In the meantime though I wanted to share some pictures I took with the Hipstamatic my first day there, Friday Feb 25th to be exact. It was pretty much a terrible day weather wise, cold, rainy, windy and just not what I expected LA to be like, but compared to -20C it was a blessing!
It did take me a couple of hours to decide if I was going to risk it (with the rain) and go or just hang around my neighbourhood, it was going to be a least an hour bus ride. Finally I just told myself : “Its not like you’re here every weekend, just go already!”

So I went :)

In between rain falls I was able to take some quick shots.

This pay phone has seen better days I’m sure! This one dude was ripping of taxi stickers on putting his own. Taxi competition looks pretty fierce there!

This guy really likes to wear black. He looked like an off-duty swat team member.

Waiting in line ;)

We all need it!

And finally…

… Venice beach!

I also took this one with the Contax 645… looks much better ;)

Yeah, sure!


All I need, right in front of me!

Very different than what I see back at home.

I think I also shot this one with film… I really hope so! I enjoyed the details.

On my back from the bus I saw this foam costumed person like the statue of liberty advertising for income tax services.

Had supper by myself, yes, like a big boy at a great little Thai place right beside my Hotel, it was called Mae Paylan, honestly one of the best chicken currys I have ever tasted… and damn spicy also!!!

Good fortune, I guess ;)

After the rain…

… the sun must shine!

That’s it for this entry. Next one will be a tad longer ;) to say the least! Hope I got some good ones on film! I’m still kind of floating on a cloud, not only from the trip but from other things I will be sharing with you… in time, all in time ;)

Hope you enjoyed the preview!
À bientôt!

Maui?… Mais oui!

Maui??? Really??? That is exactly what I told Amélie when she suggested we go there for our Honeymoon! But you know what, she was right on the money…again! I knew there was a reason why I wanted to marry her. :) She’s always kept me on my toes and makes the impossible seem very possible.

There are many ways I could describe this trip but again I’d rather do it with photography rather than put it into words. I didn’t think it was possible after visiting Greece but I stand corrected, I really think this was my favorite trip ever!

We were still very high from the whole wedding experience but also exhausted from the emotional roller coaster. It was a strange feeling being on a plane so soon after the celebration… it felt like we were in a dream.

Morning view from the balcony from the rented condo!
We landed at night so I didn’t take any pictures other than the ones I took with the Ipod. I had just bought it before the wedding! That thing was so useful during the whole trip… as long as we had a free wifi connection, which we did!!! :)

The living quarters :) I was surprised at how nice and big this place was, it really made this whole trip seem even more like a dream!

From the beginning it was pretty incredible to see how the plants, animals and the ocean were different there. I mean just when I looked at the grass it was so thick and rich… didn’t look or feel like anything I had seen before. The greens looked almost enhanced and kind of glowing.

View of the beach at the condo area.

The condos

That morning we took a ride up the mountain to the country side (I’m sooo glad we rented a car) and decided we were going to stop at a winery and then continue our little adventure of the day. We ate a little snack at this great BBQ place before going over.

The mandatory tourist shot!


Lets see how many things we can do in one day… I’m just messing with her, she knows that.

I was already pretty much in relaxation mode.

Strange how quickly the vegetation changed once we got some altitude. The heart of the Ulupalakua ranch and winery sits on the leeward slopes of Haleakala at an elevation of slightly under 2000 feet or 600 meters.

To protect the winery!

Yes sweetie its only the beginning! I’ll be taking a lot more pictures in the days to come :)

This guy was a little creepy.

The Ulupalakua Red was pretty good as was the Maui blanc with a slight pineapple flavor. I was also surprised at the fact that the wine tasting was free!

Nice little place!

A little bit of history…

… time to go!

Lavender fields, the scent around this place was wonderful!

And so was the view!

A very Zen place I must say!

With the occasional scarecrow… ready for Halloween!

Everything was so stylish…

… and tempting!

We then went to visit a small garden with some really beautiful flowers. I’m not really a flower person but the colors and details on these beauties was worth capturing.

Another rare flower :)

No enhancements here! If my memory serves me well, the colors were really this bright!

We passed a really nice church on our way down to Hookipa beach.

This is Hoopika beach, you can’t really see it from the pictures but it was really windy that day… to the point where I had to bend my knees and make sure the gust wouldn’t blow me over. It was a great day for surfing though, they all looked like dolphins zooming by!

A great place to chill or do some soul-searching.

Some like to take the hard way out!

While others would much rather discuss things beforehand.

It was really impressive to see all these guys and girls having fun in the middle of all that chaos! I was almost envious… almost :)

With all that wind it was no easy task.

But where there’s a will…

… There’s certainly a way.

The next morning we got up really early, around 5:30 I would say, we had booked a snorkeling trip to the Molokini island just of the coast of Maui. There were some warnings of strong wind and so a big chance the whole trip would be canceled but they decided to go ahead anyways.

Things started out well enough.

I did have this unpleasant feeling brewing in the pit of my stomach. Even though we were on a huge boat, as soon as we stopped to go snorkeling I knew it was going to be big trouble for me. At least I got the next few shots before I got really… like really sick!

This is me thinking about Gravol and knowing it would be too late :)

Worth getting sick for!


This guy was in another dimension… looked like a great place to be.

Some small colorful fish…

… and some big yet still colorful fish.

Between my trips to the bathroom I still managed to take a couple of shots…not as many as I wanted but who’s complaining.

I did however miss a school of spinner dolphins zooming by and ridding with our boat + a huge, huge Manta Ray. I saw them, I just didn’t have the chance or will to take out my camera. And honestly I didn’t mind that much, I have the mental image and experience burned into my head… the dolphins actually made me tear, they are so beautiful and playful! I can’t understand how they can slaughter them like they do in Japan… very sad.

After the trip we spent some time on the beach, on firm ground, to just get me back on track :)

There goes my hat!

And my Ipod! I’m telling you, we were married for like only 5 days and I had already lost everything! Hehehehe I’m so dramatic sometimes ;)

At least I had this nice beer to keep me company :) It was actually pretty good! And the label was class!

Everyday we had a beautiful sunset! Probably the nicest ones I have ever seen… after Folegandros of course ;)

Some days later we booked a reservation in the town of Lahaina for a Luau.
It was a fantastic culinary experience as well as entertaining. I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves here.

My tourist look! ;)

A beautiful site!

It was like being in a sweet dream… really.

Announcing the beginning of the show.

This was really sweet! In every possible way.

My favorite part!

It was a great night!!! I’ll never forget the experience. Considering that we had open bar (I wasn’t drinking though since I was the driver), a five coarse meal and some great entertainment, $100 per person was a very reasonable price.

Just because we were on our Honeymoon didn’t mean we were going to relax and do nothing for very long… Oh no sir! Not with Amélie! There was all this talk about going to see the sunrise from the top of the Haleakala site. We had to wake up around 3:00 AM get our stuff together, eat a little something and drive all the way up, about a three-hour drive. The waking up didn’t bother me that much but the drive… It probably shaved off a couple of years from my life :) It was really dark going up and some of the turns were like 90 degree turns and this was going on for like two hours! Anyways, once we got there I understood why it was worth it.

It was so quiet… except for the occasional tourists yapping away :)

It was cold up there… I mean cold compared to the sea level. We were at about 3km of altitude and it was about 8 degrees celsius but no wind and very dry.

Magic time!

The heat from the first sun rays was a blessing!

We decided to really experience this whole place and go for a nice two-hour “stroll”.

Forgot how to set the self timer, that’s how much I use it ;)

It felt like we were on the moon! It was really quiet and the volcanic landscape was so different from what we are used to seeing!

Getting closer to the two cones.

This old man needed a little rest :)


Who needs a self timer!

The only visible life!

I made it! And I got my hat back!

Felt good to walk on a paved surface.

Later that afternoon we drove around and made some short stops at different sites, it was a beautiful but also long day!

This one is one of my favorites from the trip.

Back in Lahaina

The only surfing I could get close to. Yes I was in the water, yes I was worried for my gear and no I couldn’t pass the opportunity. But I did however leave the 5d in the bag. This was with a EOS5 and some Portra ISO 800… it was already in the cam.

And when will I get my Ipod back?

The next day we decided to tackle the road to Hanna…and I’m using the term “tackle” very loosely here. What I thought was a hard drive up the mountain this would prove to test all my abilities to their fullest capacity! :) Shaved of another five years of my life. Yes, I’m over dramatizing but it was a hell of a drive. Many 90 degree turns were the road was narrowed down to one lane, so you had to watch out for on coming traffic and hope the other person was doing the same.

Nevertheless, we did get a chance to see some amazing things… and places.

This view was… wow!

So was this!

Technology was never too far though!

A natural tunnel!

Pretty lava rocks!

And some crazy-ass waves! That guy in the water had a death wish, I’m sure!

We then stopped at a national Park not far from Hana.

I guess people were in need of some relaxation… just as we were.

Normally, I wouldn’t stop to take a picture of some scenery but this was not your normal kind of scenery. It makes you wonder… with so much beauty around us how humans can be so horrible sometimes.

It was an incredible experience! About a 5-6 hour for the whole drive and half of it was done on a non-paved road. That little Kia sure took a beating! I was beyond exhausted when we got back to the condo but at the same time I had this great energy from the whole experience.

Some last shots of random Maui moments.

The last hours are always the hardest ones.

If you’ve never been to Maui you should go… trust me! If you think you can’t afford it, you can, trust me ;)

Hope you enjoyed your stay… I promised myself that in 2011 I would take more care of my Blog, it also gives me a reason to take more pictures!

Thanks for watching!