Another Brick in the wall

What can I say about the last few years, months or anything at all. Lately, the more I look at social media, the more confusing things get. The abundance of information everywhere, be it good or bad, is mind-blowing! Personally, 2017 is off to a better start than 2016, last year was a challenging year… interesting but challenging. Add to that raising two boys under 6 and you find yourself running out of steam pretty quickly.

I learned some very important things these past couple of years, like:

1- Never say never

2- Now I believe there is only a huge grey zone, no black or white

3- Never underestimate the power of wine in solving problems…
or making you forget them

4- I have no idea if I’m a good father

5- I used to think I was a patient person

6- You can survive on 5 hours of sleep or less a night for two years straight

7- My wife is an incredible person

8- Did I mention wine?

9- There are several ways you can prepare toast for your child… none of them will be OK

10- Sometimes it’s OK to cry for a missing piece of LEGO


12- Re-discovering music with your kids is priceless

13- Know your limits, again, know your limits

14- I’m a very lucky human being… I tend to forget this quite often

15- It is extremely important that you keep some time only for yourself

16- I miss analog photography more than I ever thought I would

17- #16 is not an excuse, get off your butt and shoot!

18- You can love someone in a way you had never imagined and also be mad at them
in a way you never imagined

19- “Life changing experience” is probably the most accurate term when you have kids

20- If we’re going to make it in this world, we have to help each other and communicate.

That’s my 2 cents and here are some pictures from this Winter/Christmas/random moments






















Hope everyone is finding their way, thanks for stopping by!

My street photos in Montréal


Stars of Summer

I have to admit this Summer sucked! Most of the time we had rain and  some cold weather… if it wasn’t for our trip in Tunisia it would have been a disaster :) August and September though brought me some nice opportunities to keep shooting. Here are some highlights of what I call “My two weeks of Summer”

Let’s start with Sofia at Chris’s and Annie’s place in Morin Heights












Lily as energetic as always :)

Next stop was at my friend Ian’s and Lynn’s place. I always enjoy taking pictures of Vince… he reminds some much of his father when he was younger, same attitude but with a deep soul.



Believe me, I don’t let just anybody hold my camera… Vince has an eye for pictures!




We had a lovely time! Easpecially the two hour street hockey game we played… I realized I wasn’t 18 anymore! But at least I didn’t feel quilty about having the wine and cheese later on! :)

Last but not least was a pool party at Fred’s place… I always enjoy taking pictures there. I do it so often that I feel like they don’t pay attention to me anymore… and that’s when you get the fun shots, the one’s you can see coming.







Elio… such a beautiful baby!


Thought it was only appropriate to finish with this shot. :)

Hope everyone is doing great! Thanks for watching!

If you are curious, all the b&w stuff and some color were shot with the Contax 645 / 80mm 2.0 Zeiss glass / Ilford Pan F50 and Portra NC 160… all other stuff with the Canon 5d and 50mm 1.4 or 28mm 1.8