Analog… I missed you


I had two undeveloped rolls of film in my fridge for some time now, just trying to get to the lab on my “free” time was quite a challenge. Nevertheless, against all odds, I was able to get them developed and scanned. First frames were taken with some Fuji Acros 100 and the rest with some Kodak 125PX (expired).

All shot on a Nikon F3 / Nikkor 50mm / 1.8







The next ones with Kodak PX125






I know, I’m old school but film doesn’t lie and to be honest I still haven’t been able get the same from digital. It’s like comparing “like” to “love”.

I need to shoot more film… a lot more!



Analog love… in a digital world

There comes a point in your life where you have to just admit to yourself certain things, things that you keep avoiding. In my case, I want to love digital photography and to some extent I do but nothing like getting some decent scans back from the lab. There is still something in film and especially bw photography that I haven’t seen or felt when looking at digital files.

This next set is pretty random and some were taken last Summer, and others right before the new year. These were all taken with the Hexar AF and Kodak Tri-X 400.

Somewhere up north…000000030001

private “lake” and all :)000000030003





My dad which I hadn’t seen for like 5 years and it was the first time in 20 years that we spent Christmas together as a family… crazy!000000030013

This was mind blowing… seeing my dad with my son, for the first time, just a great moment!000000030018

My wife and newborn son  :) quiet moments are very rare in our house.000000030014


These two are always together, especially when my son is eating something. The possibility that he will drop some food is pretty high, and also recurring. 000000030022


We had a very mild Christmas, it almost felt like Spring000000030034

The light and the dark

After a crazy crazy Summer and Fall, I have the luxury of free time once again. I miss writing and posting photos on my blog. The writing is not so much a struggle as finding the time to take pictures and especially some that I end up liking. Of course I’ve been my family’s private paparazzi for quite some time and I love it but I miss the excitement of roaming the streets in search of a moment or a feeling. Not necessarily to capture it, most importantly to experience it, I sure do miss it… sigh.

Many things happened in the last few months, we totally renovated our basement from scratch, an incredible amount of work but now that it’s done I feel very proud and it’s like we doubled our living space, literally. And so I’m still trying to make my business work in the midst of everything… not easy at all.

On a more positive note, our second son was born mid-October, the joy of having two kids/boys and the life it brings into our house is immeasurable! The lack of sleep and the strange emotional roller coater ride it puts you on, not so much!

To try and keep my sanity, I started putting my Fuji X-pro1 to work. I haven’t had the chance to really take it out for a ride but so far I’ve been really blown away by the optics on the 18/2.0 and the 18-55 not to mention how great the files look!

These were taken with the Fuji X-Pro1



urban finishing_dev

Some street ones

MJT_dev I gotta wear shades Hat trick chez Nino_dev

These last shots taken with my Contax 645 before I sold it :( I just shouldn’t justify the cost of film and processing… but I will get another one, one day!


000006280016 000006280010 000006030005

And some of my favorite from last summer with the Hexar AF and some Portra160 :)) love this camera!

000006010031 000006020016 000006020028 000006020022 000006020019


For 2015, I would love to post more entries and pictures in my blog. I need to think about it as an exercise, a way to stay sharp and focussed even if I’m tired and don’t feel like it. It just makes me happy when I can record what I have experienced and be able to reflect on it whenever I choose to. And as a bonus, sometimes even others find it interesting :)

I hope 2015 is off to a great start for all of you. Stay curious, be nice to each other and take photos!!

Ohh and I got a new website if you’re interested :)

Fish and chips (via RICHARD POLOM photography blog)

Fish and chips Last week I realized it has been about 4 years since I started shooting with a more serious frame of mind. I noticed how my approach to photography had evolved and I think some of it is noticeable in my work. I hate being satisfied with what I do, I'm afraid I'll become lazy and not push harder but at least I'm trying to appreciate some of my work. It is incredible how shooting b&w film on a manual camera, in this case my Nikon F3, forces one … Read More

via RICHARD POLOM photography blog

Fish and chips

Last week I realized it has been about 4 years since I started shooting with a more serious frame of mind. I noticed how my approach to photography had evolved and I think some of it is noticeable in my work. I hate being satisfied with what I do, I’m afraid I’ll become lazy and not push harder but at least I’m trying to appreciate some of my work. It is incredible how shooting b&w film on a manual camera, in this case my Nikon F3, forces one to think about the conditions one is shooting in and of course composition… you can’t review and try again, you get one chance.

I wanted to share with you some of these frames I took on a fishing weekend last June. It was a beautiful weekend, the lake and the calmness were a blessing in contrast to the chaotic beat of the city. Also, it was great to shoot with Kodak Tri-X film and Ilford Pan F 50 which turned out quite good… I think.

The lake was just what I needed and a nice steady breeze that seemed to make everything better.

John seemed to think so also.

Ian getting ready for action… which never came. But then again its like they say : “It’s not the destination that is important but rather the journey”. It made me happier to think that way since we caught not fish :)

I’m sure he was luckier than we were. I swear he must have been under water at least five minutes before popping out again.

It was a pretty big lake ;)

Plenty of time to reflect on other things.

And make sure the world was still there…

… or not.

John was our designated cook. He actually is a chef and I can tell you we ate like kings!!! Not catching any fish was almost a blessing!

We sure did play a lot of poker, listened to some great music, drank some great wines and ate like kings. Not a bad way to spend the weekend!

One more optimistic trial before the sun goes down…

… but no fish.

Just high hopes and good times. Well not really, one of us did manage to catch a trout. I guess experience does count for something.

Meditation for the soul… with the occasional yank if needed.

Are you sick of hearing about H1N1?

I may actually be the first person getting sick from just repeatedly getting bombarded by so much information on the H1N1 virus. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure its a pretty bad virus… but geeeeezzzz are they ever milking the news cow with this one. OK we get it, its bad, we have to get vaccinated and people will die from it! Now can you get on with something else? And that whole thing with Obama’s Japan bow… are you serious people??!! Is this the best news they can come up with. So who the f*ck cares if he bowed a little too low, too long or that he bowed at all. In my opinion, it takes a strong man to be able to give that kind of respect. There’s something suspicious about people who look too confident and strong… they might actually be the insecure ones. Politics suck!

Anyways enough of this crap, pictures is what I wanted to show you. Here are some of the latest shots I took, mostly end of October beginning November. As always no matter what happens in my life, I can always take my camera and shoot the world the way I want, when and where I want. I try to keep that moment and when I go back years from now… hopefully… I will remember who I was and how I was. I regret not taking more pictures in my teens and in my twenties. Then again, the only pictures I actually have from that time are also a reminder why I have so few of them :)

There are kids everywhere these days.

Yes, take those pictures… she will grow up sooner than yo think.

I think that baby clock is not working for some women… seriously, does that look like a happy dog?

Fast forward to a great weekend we had with a couple of friends in Eastman and Magog. We truly had the best weather that weekend!

Am I like the only person who doesn’t read?

I don’t know why but this picture always makes me smile… there’s something charming and awkward that I really like in it.

Having a quick bite up on “Mont Chauve”


It was such a cheesy but cozy place… its too bad time flies when you’re having fun.

Which now takes us to another weekend of B-day celebrations in St-Jovite… again we were really lucky with the weather, although it was really cold for October we had a great time…and some nice wines :)

Early mornings are always the best for me… everything is quiet and crisp.

I wish I had a cottage up north… then again I wish I had many things.

They call this sport “Petancle Extrême” many obstacles and sometimes you play uphill.

Form is very important!

For all the times I shoot people I can let him take a couple of me, no? :)

Sunsets are also made for some nice moments.

Unfortunately this means that if we don’t build a fire fast, we will freeze to death… ok maybe not but it will feel like it.

Yeah, that ’s for shooting me earlier!

Where there is wine…

and beer…

it usually means there might be a party… or in this case a B-day.

Sleeping on a bed is soooo over rated.

This was my ladie’s cake and there was another for Fred… a chocolate one. Another year gone by… yes indeed.

How can you loose right?

I love how the 28/1.8 reacts wide open

I love it when people are not paying attention to me.

So between Halloween cupcakes  and scary movies I was able to acquire a Zeiss Plannar t* 50mm/1.4 with a mount for my Canon 5D. Best investment ever! This lens is absolutely what I needed. I took it for a ride to my friend’s performance with their band Tone Signal.

Most of there are at f1.4 or 2.0

So promised him I wouldn’t put this picture on Facebook… technically I wasn’t lying :)

A couple of days later, I went shooting downtown for some ideas… actually for a painting I’m doing for a friend. While I was there I saw other interesting moments…

I call this one “Women who drive men to drink” :)

I also met a great man who was giving out Poppie pins for remembrance day. I bought one and asked him if I could take a pic. I sometimes wonder how difficult it must of been for those soldiers. I hate war but I have a lot of respect for what they did.

I had to fit in my Lily… always photogenic in a “scared of life” kind of way.

Got lots of ideas lined up for Nov-Dec hopefully these projects will work out. Apart from work and shooting, things are quiet… I’m really glad we have a nice place to have a drink close to home... Great music also!

Hope everyone is doing great! Thanks for watching!