New life, new camera!

I haven’t loged into wordpress for the longest time. I was somewhat surprised that I still remembered my password, it kind of reassured me also. My last entry dates from Sept 2011, crazy, where does the time go?! Well, for those of you who don’t know anything about my life, my wife and I had a baby boy last Oct and it’s been an amusement park at home ever since, with the occasional haunted house ride during the night, complete with the crying, the screaming and the lack of sleep. But I wouldn’t change it for the world though, for me, being a father is like actually finding a meaning to my life, it’s what I was born to do, completely. Don’t worry, this entry is not about fatherhood or why babies are so cute and yadah yadah… yadah. This entry is about my other baby, the Hexar AF I bought some months ago. First of all, it’s a pretty cool looking camera, not too many knobs, just what you need and fantastic optics!

I’m not going to post any pictures of the camera, it’s pretty irrelevant, if you are curious about it then click here.

I have to warn you though there are a few photos of kids in this one, so if you are not fond of babies and kids in general then at least look at what the Hexar AF can do :) I apologize in advance for the bw photos, I gave my lab one last try and they gave me back garbage, expensive garbage and the scans are even worse. Needless to say I will be trying a new place, I heard some really good things about this other lab + they’re not $$. I’ll rescan them at home, eventually.

Some of the shots are from beginning of March until April, hope you enjoy!

Montreal, Jarry Park

The few next shots were taken with the Ilford Pan F 50, one of my favorite films and on this camera I think it’ll be even lovelier.

A perfect day for sliding, no wind and a gorgeous March sun!

Nice day for skating also! I have to say, I was pretty impressed with this 35/2 lens!

Probably not the best spot for this kid to stand in!

Ok, I know it’s a boring shot but I really wanted to see how this camera/lens would react, impressive! The scans and developing, not so much :(

Pretty clouds

I warned you it was coming! I finished my roll at a friend’s house who lives up north, we spent a very nice Sunday with his family and I brought mine, of course.
I don’t think my son was having a great first few minutes. Four adults, one giraffe and no hope.

Then things got much better! :)

Seriously, nice lens! I’m still amazed that my lab would give me back scans like this one, horrible!

Ok now switching to color and much better scans! Portra 160 by the way.

I don’t know what’s funnier, my wife’s expression or my son’s face :)

Yeah, that’s you!

My friend Seb and my boy. Two great guys! :)

Having fun with Camille. It was really great seeing them all and especially getting out of the house for a change :)

The next few shots are random from different days and nights.

Supper at a friend’s house

I love taking a picture of a kid with a film camera and then having to explain why they can’t see it right away. I always get the most perplexed look from them, always!

It’s all about having choices in life :) Like having the opportunity of using such a fine camera and seeing what it does wide open.

A familiar sight I won’t be missing anytime soon!

My dog is weird!

Perfect day for a run!

This cat was not at all impressed with my dog!

My sister’s birthday! My niece and my son :)

If you think this shot is out of focus, think again.

Bonne fête chère soeur!

And yet another birthday party, kids this time, of course! All these bw shots were taken with Fuji Acros 100, nice film!


What every one year old kid needs, a signing potty trainer! :)

Cute little family

I love Sunday afternoons like this one!

It’s incredible how unimportant adults become once kids enter the picture. Now whenever we go see friends or family, it takes a while before anybody even says hello, it’s all about the baby. I’m not complaining, it is just so different!

It was a very warm day, unusually warm for March, somewhere in the mid 20’s (celsius).

The mamas…

… and the papas.

A perfect day!

My son discovering what everything tastes like.

Back home!

Then a cold front moved in. And what do you get when warm humid air suddenly meets cold air? Yes, gorgeous fog!
Had to shoot all these in MF, the fog was actually driving the AF bananas, B.A.N.A.N.A.S. :)

Fuji pro H 400, by the way

Lovely tones!

Last but not least, I really like how this film behaves in the Hexar! And on such lovely subjects, even more :)

I honestly don’t think that I’ll be shooting film as much as I used to, I just don’t have the time… and the $$ I have to spend is not inspiring but I still love the medium.
I came across a great website VSCO film  , I’ve never been really “in love” with digital photography but I downloaded this software for Aperture 3 and the results are quite amazing! Sure you need to teak here and there but it does what it says it does. Heck, if it’s good enough for Sean Flanigan, it’s good enough for me :)

In a future entry I was thinking of showing you some before and after pictures, I especially like the Portra filters and the grain, they are quite accurate.

Thanks for watching!


4 thoughts on “New life, new camera!

  1. Hey Rich, didn’t know you where a dad. congrats my friend.
    I see life is treating you well!
    Maybe when your boy gets older we could introduce him to one of my girls.

  2. Hi Richard, great pictures you’ve made of your life. Thank’s 4 sharing, it’s nice to see how it is on the other side of the big lake. And also congrats to you little boy :-)

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